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 staff list.

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spit on jad
In-game Admin
In-game Admin

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PostSubject: staff list.   staff list. EmptyMon May 31, 2010 4:43 am

staff list. 1-36Owner'sstaff list. 1-36

*Henry L
*Aza ftw

staff list. 30a5l5jHead Administrator
staff list. 30a5l5j

*Sup Im Tony

staff list. 30a5l5jAdministratorsstaff list. 30a5l5j

*Spit on jad
*S m i f f y

staff list. 2lo40pdModerators
staff list. 2lo40pd

*Cuddle sackk
*B r i d
*L 3 g 1 t
*wwe pure

If u guy's are ever stuck please ask them for help!.
Thats all of the staff i know atm. If u are staff please pm me in forum's. Ill add u to list.
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staff list.
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